Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blast From the Past

You know how they say that it's always best to leave the things from the past right there?

Well I'm the kind of person that cannot seem to do that. I'm always the person who worries and wonders what the lives of the ones I use to love are like at the moment. Especially one person and it irritates me sometimes.

The fact that she was my first love.... and that she still runs my mind. hell....

I don't know how to deal with it. I can't let her go emotionally.... I'm just glad that any time that I need her around, she's there. What hurts the most is that I eventually have to let her go and us go our separate ways. Which always hurts, but it's the only thing and best thing to do.

I still love you, I do.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So Long. Yo, seriously. So Long!

Oh my beautiful blog *pets blog* How I've missed you.

I'm sorry I've abandoned you, I've just been so damn busy with my life and getting my shit together. I've moved so much, been trying to find myself while getting lost along the way. I've been working on positive thoughts and vibes along with teaching myself that it is okay to be alone.

Time has been on my side so far. I'm back in Nashville. For now. I finally got a new job and let that shit hole that I had before. I finally have my own place and I'm finally adulting, which to be honest, is not as fun as playing hide and go seek in the summer. But it is what I have to do....

I promise to make more time for you. There are so many thoughts in my head that I need to spill out somewhere. So I guess that I will be venting to you.


Friday, March 8, 2013

I've Been Holding Myself Back From Accomplishing...

First of, let me say how much I have missed blogging. This is my open diary to the world.

I've been gone for a long time for the only reason being because I am lazy. Plain and simple. No other reason. I work roughly about 30-36hrs a week. And I am exhausted. I come home, shower, lay in bed and watch TV. I don't even read anymore. Which is sad.

So, this is the reason why I have decided to do a spiritual journey combined with a technology detox, as well. I use my phone entirely too much whether its playing games, tweeting, instagraming, or texting. I watch entirely too much TV. I also use my laptop every so often. I want to lower the amount of time I use all of this technology. It is not good to be lazy and/or too dependent on technology.

Spiritual journey is more about finding myself, who I really am. What I want to do with my life, actually enjoy my life. Go hiking, be more active, go to new places, travel when possible. I want to meet new people. Off of the internet. I want to work out more, intake healthy and organic things instead of filling it with all of this junk I have accustomed my body to wanting and having. I want to live a long and healthy life.

I just need to start my life. Start school, get a career, start dating then start a family that I can actually afford to have. I want to be happy, not stress, be positive, smile more and cry less.

I want to be happy.